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The Burghwood Clinic was founded by Dr John Mansfield and originally opened its doors in May 1982, since when it has been involved in both research and the practical applications of the rapidly evolving fields of Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional medicine.

Dr Apelles Econs (Allergy Specialist)

Dr Apelles Econs studied Medicine at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London, where he graduated in 1976. After working in a number of hospital posts, he entered NHS general practice, where he spent 22 years as a principal, also operating as a part-time allergy specialist since 1992. During this time, he found that simple dietary changes and safe methods of desensitisation were both more clinically and cost effective than medications used for common conditions such as fatigue, irritable bowel, arthritis, eczema, asthma and many others. His main clinic is based in Weybridge, Surrey, and he also offers consultation in Oxford and Keighley, West Yorkshire. He has a wide ranging experience with management of dietary problems, the treatment of intestinal parasites, the use of oral and intravenous nutrition, dealing with chemically sensitive people and the use of all the modern methods of immunotherapy including the Enzyme Potentiated method (EPD), the Low-dose method (LDI) and the more "conventional" sub-lingual immunotherapy (SLIT). He has been a guest allergy specialist in some radio and TV programmes. Dr Econs will be available for consultations initially on Wednesdays and alternate Mondays and will be pleased to offer additional support, on other occasions, as needed.

Dr Michael Tettenborn (Paediatric Consultant)

Dr Michael Tettenborn is available for paediatric consultations every Tuesday at The Burghwood Clinic. He recently retired as a Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Director for Paediatrics at Frimley Park Hospital. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and remains an Examiner for the College. During his career he has developed a special interest in allergies and intolerances. He has also acquired and maintained skills in the assessment of Attention Deficit, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As a result of these parallel interests he is able to assist with the diagnosis of these conditions and provide advice on both conventional and possible nutritional management of these conditions as well as other health problems in children. We have a specialist chronic fatigue nurse who works closely with Dr Tettenborn. She has vast experience in supporting children with chronic fatigue syndrome and autism spectrum disorders, both at home and at school.

Drs Econs and Tettenborn are recognised for private fee reimbursement by a number of health insurance companies, including BUPA, Standard Life, Cigna, PruHealth, WPA, BCWA, Aviva Health, Groupama, SimplyHealth and HSA. Although we are a private clinic, we are also able to see patients under the National Health Service who are specifically referred to us via a Health Authority under an Extra Contractual Referral.

Dr J MansfieldDr John Mansfield

Dr John Mansfield gained his medical degree at Guy's Hospital, London, and has worked in both the UK and the USA. He has been working in this subject since 1976 when he was one of the three original British pioneers. In 1978 he was a founder member of the British Society for Allergy and Environmental Medicine and became President of that society from 1992 - 1995.


The Migraine Revolution

In 1986 his book 'The Migraine Revolution' was published. This was available for about ten years and was printed in four other languages, but is currently out of print.

Arthritis: The Allergy Connection

'Arthritis: The Allergy Connection' was first published in 1990 and revised and updated 1995. At this time the title was changed to 'Arthritis - Allergy, Nutrition and the Environment'

The Asthma Epidemic

In October 1997 'The Asthma Epidemic' by Dr Mansfield was published, and is available from the clinic

In 1986 we completed two separate clinical trials in conjunction with the Department of Rheumatology at Epsom District Hospital. In these studies the relationship of food sensitivity to classical rheumatoid arthritis was explored. The results of the second trial were published in the Lancet on the 1st February 1986 entitled 'Placebo Controlled Blind Study of Dietary Manipulation Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis'. This study showed that 33 out of 44 patients with rheumatoid arthritis improved dramatically with the simple expedient of an elimination diet.

In December 1998 we had a study published in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine entitled 'Treatment of Equine Allergic Diseases with Allergy Neutralization - A Field Study'. This was the first major study anywhere in the world of neutralization in an animal model, useful as it is difficult to imagine a placebo response in a horse. It showed very major improvements, often a complete recovery, in 92% of 13 horses with urticaria and 87% of 23 horses with COPD (equine asthma).


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