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Our Approach | Aims & Objectives


Allergy, Nutritional & Environmental Medicine
Aims & Objectives




The Burghwood Clinic aims to deliver the highest standard of medical care for patients whose health has been affected by allergic, environmental or nutritional factors, with emphasis on safety and excellent individualised patient care. The aim of the practice is to offer the highest quality of service based on an integrative approach to medicine, using scientifically verified therapies in a tailor-made fashion for each patient. We will employ techniques based on the teachings of environmental and nutritional medicine as well as clinical metal toxicology as the primary or adjunctive treatment in the management of each patient. Our therapies may be used either as an alternative to or in combination with other treatments offered by patients' primary care or specialist teams.

We will achieve this by:

  • creating an atmosphere which is professional, caring, safe and confidential and where we respect patients' dignity and privacy. [nb: skin testing is in small groups, but the nurse can arrange a private discussion during testing if necessary].
  • ensuring all staff are competent to operate the service and maintain professional standards.
  • providing clear, up to date information on our treatment and charges.
  • ensuring that patients are fully informed about their treatment and consent to it.
  • implementing and evaluating all policies and procedures.
  • performing a regular patient survey (the results of which are available to patients) and operating an effective complaints procedure.

Complaints Handling Procedure

We welcome feedback as a positive way of improving services. Initially any complaints should be notified to the Practice Manager or directly to Dr. Econs. We aim to deal with complaints quickly and efficiently. A copy of our complaints procedure is available at Reception.

The Burghwood Clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (formerly the Healthcare Commission), Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4PA.  Tel: 03000 616161 (e-mail:

A copy of the most recent inspection report prepared by the Commission is available from this link or from our reception.

Zero Tolerance to Abuse

All staff at The Burghwood Clinic have the right to carry out their work without the threat of violence. We reserve the right to discontinue the treatment of any person who is physically or verbally abusive or threatening towards any member of the staff or towards another patient.

Data Protection

We are registered under the Data Protection Act and our registration is renewed annually. We have specific policies in place to protect patient confidentiality and privacy. Patients are entitled to see any information that is held about them, but they must make a written request so as to establish their identity.

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