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Low Sex Drive

Some twenty years ago, a patient who was treated successfully with the enzyme potentiated desensitisation (EPD) for chronic sinus congestion, asked if this Type immunotherapy contained in it any “aphrodisiac”! He remarked that his sex life had improved a great deal since his breathing improved. I assured him, it didn’t.

The connection is simple and by no means surprising: when our physiology works as it is meant to when our immune system no longer struggles to deal with external agents causing even mild symptoms, other systems are likely to follow suit and the enjoyment of most other aspects of normal life can be experienced to the full. 

Sometimes, toxic overload can cause similar issues; exposures to micro-wave radiations have been linked with subfertility and low libido. Good stamina means spare energy to spend on living a more active life, on exercise and other leisurely pursuits.

In the absence of other clues, we check one’s sex hormones profile and, based on this, we recommend specific customised hormone replenishment.

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