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Healthy Ageing and Real Anti-Ageing

The aesthetics industry has adopted the term “anti-ageing” to enhance sales of its facial creams and exfoliating agents, which are often combined with vital anti-oxidant nutrients. But the fact is that, in spite of improvements in appearances, none of these measures is able to extend one’s life expectancy. This can only be the result of optimal health.

Health can only be “optimised” with an understanding of the immune system, how it works, the factors that undermine it and a focus on a person’s cell chemistry (nutritional status, epigenetic changes of the genomic DNA, anti-oxidant defences, detoxification processes and so on).

Smoking, alcohol, sugar, lack of exercise and vitamin D deficiency are clear factors that compromise cell chemistry, precipitate ageing, ultimately causing premature demise through cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and all so-called “auto-immune” disorders. People with these conditions, along with untreated allergies and/or intolerances, tend to have a compromised immune system and, unsurprisingly, a shorter life expectancy.

The reassurance offered by routine blood tests fails to pick up real risk factors before they become current or chronic medical conditions. Analysis of a lifestyle and some advanced investigations can reveal: a) inappropriate diets, b) deficiencies of essential nutrients, c) detoxification problems, or d) the presence of chemicals and heavy metals in the body. Thus, healthy ageing is not a mere "matter of luck” as most people believe. It can be a matter of careful planning, well before things go wrong in health.

We have two options of advanced medical investigations, aiming to assess and eliminate risk factors in otherwise healthy individuals, who wish to keep their health in good trim and slow down their ageing clocks. Please contact us for details. Also, see available interventions under “Treatments”.

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