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Affected with ‘Long-Covid19’ or Other Infections?
Although this is a very strange virus, methods of treatment adopted by this medical centre, through tireless investigation and innovation, have the capacity to speed up recovery. Read Intravenous Nutrition, Low-dose Naltrexone and Micro-immunotherapy.
Healthy Ageing can be planned: we do so from the moment we consciously decide to give up unhealthy habits and adopt some good ones, be it alcohol, sugar or taking up regular exercise and optimising our nutrition.
Using “cause-focused” methods, this specialised Centre has enabled thousands of people to regain their health, often against the odds.
Many health problems have their own underlying causes, which with careful scrutiny can be identified and lead to optimal management.
Modern methods of immunotherapy and intravenous nutrition are powerful tools to enhance immunity, detoxification and optimise health when other means fail.
Many chronic conditions are increasingly linked with the immune system. They are called “auto-immune”, as though the immune system is attacking its owner – an absurd concept…
From autism, chronic fatigue and obesity to cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer, most modern-day conditions are caused by factors in the environment and lifestyles.
The best Medicine is the one that teaches the patient how not to use it.

The Burghwood Clinic

Our Clinic specialises in the investigation and treatment of all types of allergy and problems associated with the immune system. The common factors in these conditions are increasingly linked with lifestyle, environmental pollutants and infectious agents causing a toxic load, in susceptible people, which the body struggles to deal with. We were one of the first in Britain to specialise in the field of Allergy, Nutrition and Environmental influences on health and have helped thousands of people to overcome their “chronic” conditions. We endeavour to identify the main underlying causal factors and use effective, customised, scientific or novel methods to manage them.

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Allergies - Anaphylaxis - Mast Cell Activation

One in three people in the UK has, or will, suffer with an allergy sometime in their life. Our aim is to identify the allergen that causes the allergic symptoms, this can then be avoided or treated with safe methods of desensitisation, in order to give lasting relief.
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“Auto-immune” or just "Immune" Disease?

Although the popular belief is that the cause of a symptom can be located accurately by investigating the system affected, many people (and doctors) are often oblivious to the connections with the immune system.
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Identifying the cause is the first step in understanding why your health has been affected. We use a variety of tests, each recommended according to the specific needs of the individual.
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Our treatment methods have been formulated over many years of experience in the specialised field of Allergy and Nutritional Medicine. They are carefully designed to deliver optimum results in the shortest time.
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