Hay fever: Allergist Dr Apelles Econs talks about misconceptions and treatments

‘In a study on pollen in the city compared to pollen out in the countryside, they found surprisingly, the cities had worse pollen prevalence.’ Allergist Dr Apelles Econs joins Eamonn and Isabel to discuss misconceptions about hay fever and treatments for the allergy.

Why are allergies and intolerances getting worse and what can health professionals do about it?

Why are allergies and intolerances getting worse and what can health professionals do about it?

How can inhalant allergies be detected and treated properly

Following his first talk on the subject of inhalant allergies, Dr Apelles Econs addresses how these allergies can be investigated and treated properly. Dr Econs goes beyond the usual treatment of symptoms to tackle the underlying causes.

Why Britain's inhalant allergies are disproportionate

In this, the first in a series of talks by Allergy Specialist Dr Apelles Econs, we learn the basic mechanics at play in inhalant allergies. Dr Econs also dispels myths and tackles the flawed logic of some traditional medical professions.

Hay Fever

What, why and when is Hay Fever? Millions suffer appalling symptoms, but why? Is every sniffle due to Hay Fever and what can be done to treat the cause rather than mask the symptoms? Dr Apelles Econs Medical Director, provides fascinating insights into Hay Fever and how many have found long term relief.

Lucy’s Story

From desperation and dysfunction to hi-achieving optimism. Lucy from Yorkshire discloses her despair when as a grossly overweight teenager the future was bleak. Desperately isolated with scant offers of medical help, Lucy’s social supporter pursued a long shot idea: Could relieving Lucy’s multiple allergies be the key to rebuilding confidence and good health? Dr Apelles Econs agreed and led the way.

Dairy Allergy

Leading authority, Dr Apelles Econs explains on BBC Radio Oxford what lies behind dairy allergy symptoms and some effective approaches for young and old alike.