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I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to the doctor who treated my husband. Jacob has had two doses of EPD so far and it has completely changed his life. He is so much healthier and happier and he is thoroughly enjoying being able to spend time with our cat. We are so very grateful to the doctor (Dr Judge) who has treated him so far and hope you could pass this on to her. Many thanks.

L. S., Suffolk, October 2023

I've just completed a course of 8 weekly IV Vitamin C and nutrient drips in the home provided by Effect Doctors. Dr Econs at the Burghwood Clinic has been a great help with his expertise in overseeing the treatment.

I'm suffering from a serious health condition and I've found the treatment has benefited me greatly. I've reduced my pain medication, and I've been able to resume daily walks with my dog using a rollator. My quality of life has very much improved in the last couple of months.

It was a relief to find the Effect Doctors mobile IV service as travelling is difficult for me, so having the treatment in my home was ideal.

H. G. (61), Wiltshire, September 2023

I underwent various tests with the Burghwood Clinic and established, with the care of Dr Judge, that I had Long Covid in the gut.

Once all the tests’ results had been completed, I started Low Dose Immunotherapy at the end of June, and I can honestly say I responded immediately.

I ate the foods that I had been tested for pretty much most of the time and my energy, bit by bit, returned.

My hobby is dancing and very quickly I was able to return to these classes along with Pilates and yoga.

I take Epsom Salt baths as suggested for 20 minutes each day and started anti-fungal treatment in July.

I removed sugar and yeast from my diet and my skin has gone back to a healthy glow and I no longer have dark lines under my eyes.

I would highly recommend (I have already with my neighbour and a family member) the treatment provided by The Burghwood Clinic and Dr Judge, and I personally will be forever grateful for the care and attention given to me throughout my treatment.

K. A., Wokingham, Berkshire

Having had EPD for 10 years now, my progress has been so amazing, For the last 7 years I have been relying on just one treatment a year which leaves me feeling tired with a little loss of appetite but as soon as the critical 24 hours has passed and my diet becomes more relaxed I bounce back quickly.

C. B. (48), Essex

Dear Dr Econs, Five years ago I was diagnosed with sudden onset, sero negative rheumatoid arthritis. I was prescribed Methotrexate which I refused to take. Instead, I did some research and found you. After attending a consultation, you prescribed a pulsed dose of Minocycline. At the time I was in a bad way, I could hardly walk and the pain was unbearable. I remained on this small dose for just one year, during which I had regular blood tests at my GP’s surgery. Every time, my CRP and other inflammatory markers were returning to normal levels. I was improving. Anyway, fast forward to 2018 and I am pretty much 99.9% better. I still get the odd twinge, but no more than any other healthy menopausal woman. I walk, run, can lift extremely heavy objects, have no disability, no ulnar drift, can sit on the floor crossed legged and then get back up again unaided, do press ups , run up stairs, everything that I couldn’t do when initially diagnosed. So, it’s been a long time since I last saw you at the Burghwood Clinic, and I just wanted to thank you for prescribing minocycline when no one else would agree to it.

N. C. (52), Bedfordshire

It really was lovely to meet you earlier this week and I am unable to express how grateful I am to Amanda and Ky for the way they have taken care of me during my visits. They are so dedicated that Ky even gave up her lunch break to make up time lost for my late arrival due to standing traffic on the motorway.

However, the purpose is to repeat the story I told you verbally about the change in my life as a result of my treatment at Airedale Allergy Centre in the hope that if anyone is in doubt that they will give it a chance and hopefully improve their lives too.

In 2004 my husband sent me to my GP absolutely fed up of seeing me feeling ill and spoiling social events for him, friends and family too. How many times we went out for a meal and I wanted to come home halfway through because I felt ill after eating half of the meal, had to go to bed for a rest during a visit from family who had travelled 150 miles to see me or cancelled a day out at short notice I cannot count. Every day I woke up feeling “lousy” in the morning and was often tired at the wrong times of day for no apparent reason. I also suffered aches in my joints similar to arthritis sometimes and had a lot of nasal congestion and thick unpleasant mucus.

My GP asked me lots of questions about when things happened and what sort of symptoms I suffered. I answered his questions under duress since I had not gone to see him by choice but at the end of our session he stated with a look of glee on his face “your husband is wrong, you are not a hypochondriac I know exactly what is wrong with you” and promptly sent me to see a chap called Doctor Econs of whom he had previous experience at this allergy clinic in the back of beyond.

I have the utmost faith in my GP who is very sensible and logical but open minded and forward thinking so I went along to the clinic. I met Dr Econs and made my mind up that he was a total quack (sorry Doctor Econs I take it all back). He made me undertake this ludicrous diet that gave me a constant and dreadful headache and excluded everything I liked. At a subsequent session I undertook some skin testing and he announced holding both of my hands that he was really sorry but I had reacted to everything I had been tested for except one food item (foods and inhalants in my case). He explained that apart from one medication, that I already knew I had an allergy too, I had no other allergies but was intolerant to all of these things and no wonder I felt ill so often. My mind was made up with this – he must be a fraud and a good actor. For only one reason, being that I know my GP is very good and must have sent me there for a reason; I agreed to take the treatment.

My first hurdle was I hate the sight of injections and didn’t fancy the pain either (I know that 95 times out of 100 I don’t even feel them and understand how in the spy movies they got darts in the back of peoples necks without them knowing. The syringe is so fine it doesn’t hurt at all). Anyway I wouldn’t have to do it for long would I? This was not going to work and I could stop the treatment and report back to my GP.

I collected my prescription and my life changed in one day. I suddenly felt well and could go out and eat a nice meal. I no longer messed my friends and family around. I got up in the morning and felt good – yes good!

I have made one mistake since then. I convinced myself I didn’t have to be re-tested from time to time and didn’t realise that as my reactions to different foods or dusts etc changed that I needed to have the strengths or actual items I was being treated for changed and slowly started to feel the old symptoms more and more but to a lesser degree.

Yet again my dear husband, who is also my best friend, ordered me to get on the phone for retesting “NOW”. Yes, Hazel, thats right I received my new vaccines today and just 3 hours later my aching fingers have stopped aching and I feel awake again, despite working late and a really hard day. Also after two glasses of wine (it is Friday) I don’t feel ill whereas this time last week I felt ill after one small glass.

You have my permission to use this letter in any way you see fit and show it to anyone you like. If by reading it I can help change the life of one person because they agree to be tested and try just one lot of treatment, by which time they will be convinced, then I will be very happy. If for any reason that person thinks this is too good to be true and that I am not a real patient then I am happy to talk to them by telephone and answer any questions they want to put to me. Clearly people have different conditions and different reactions but I am so grateful to everyone who plays a part in making Airedale Allergy Centre what it is and for what it has done for me and my husband.

Finally I have to pay respect to my wonderful GP for changing my life by sending me to you.

W. S., Barnsley, Yorkshire

Since attending the Oxford Allergy Centre my life has been literally transformed. When I first attended the clinic I was allergic to virtually everything I ate, breathed and touched, was on an incredibly restricted diet, virtually emaciated and so ill I could barely move from the bed to the sofa. My diet was changed immediately and I started Neutralisation treatment soon afterwards. Within a month of first visiting the clinic I was not only able to go to the supermarket to do my own shopping, but fill my trolley with the most wonderful and varied selection of colourful fruit and vegetables, meat and fish and include everything from the common to the exotic. I now have an abundance of energy, I can play with my children, I’m back at work and making plans for the next five years of my life. I now feel healthier, happier and more positive than I have for seven years.

L. O. (42), Gloucestershire

Good news! Just wanted to tell you that we have finally had a new stool test done for my daughter. It is now clear for all parasites and almost no yeast either. Pretty good for healthy bacterias, apart from acidophilus which we will supplement. I am really pleased and excited, but was pretty sure this was the case just from her behaviour. Her appetite has improved, she seems more comfortable with foods, she no longer reacts to wheat and dairy. She no longer complains of tummy aches or itchy bottom. She seems to have grown too. Thanks very much for all your help.

E. S. (8), Midlands

Discovering the Thames Allergy Centre and meeting Dr Econs has totally changed my life. I had suffered for almost 20 years with persistent and debilitating digestive problems which, at their worst, were so overwhelming that simply existing seemed almost intolerable. My body was permanently inflamed from the waist down and I had constant abdominal pain with alternating diarrhoea and constipation as well as almost continual flatulence. I had regular headaches and a mouth full of ulcers. I had also been diagnosed with chronic lichen sclerosis and had recurrent acute cystitis infections. My immune system was in a state of high alert and I was unrelentingly exhausted and yet not one of the stream or doctors or health practitioners that I had consulted could offer any help. I was desperate. Until January 2012 when everything changed.

Dr Econs’ treatment was simple, natural and staggeringly effective. Nine months later I feel “normal” again, which may sound unremarkable to a healthy person, but to anyone who has suffered a “mysterious illness” it can feel like nothing short of a miracle. I was already aware of the benefits of a healthy diet, but I am now in awe of the effect (both positive and negative) that food can have on the human body. I am only astounded that mainstream medicine appears to be so disinterested in the subject of food intolerances and I shall always be indebted to Dr Econs for showing me how to regain my health and with it, my quality of life.

For anyone else who has been unfortunate enough to have been severely affected by food intolerance as I have, I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. Not only have I received expert medical advice, but I have learnt so much about my own health and how best to maintain it in the long term. I would have considered it to be a highly worthwhile investment, even if I hadn’t been so ill! It has been a truly life-changing experience.

A. P., Hertfordshire

I attended Airedale Clinic in October, and would like to thank you greatly, as my problems with foods covered in vaccines are sorted, diet has then improved, and my huge problems with over sensitivity to smells is continuing to improve. Really, I can’t thank you enough.

D. M., Scotland

Everyone I dealt with at the Clinic in Weybridge via telephone, email and Skype was super professional, efficient and very courteous; overall very helpful and reassuring.

A. D., Chicago, USA

Just a quick email to update Dr Econs about my neutralisation. It’s been a week, I do it twice a day as suggested, I know it’s early and it sounds crazy, but I felt the benefits from Day 1. Today is Day 7 and even if my diet is not yet based only on the foods I am covered for, my stomach pains, heartburn and tired feeling have disappeared and I feel like a new person. I can’t explain the quick and drastic change, but please let Dr Econs know about this and tell him that he is the best doctor in the world.

C. M., Peterborough

Dr Econs has helped me so much in identifying WHY I was suffering from a variety of symptoms, whereas my GP had labelled me as anxious and kept prescribing pills. At one point I was convinced I was either going mad or suffering from a variety of terminal illnesses due to the extent of my symptoms.

Dr Econs put me on a basic diet and did a blood test which showed an ethanol reading of 134 when normal is under 22! This explained my chronic headaches, dizzy spells, anxiety, etc. Following the diet the blood test was repeated and showed my level at a much better 4.

I am a different person and feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I only have anxiety when I expect it, i.e. job interview. I have little trust in my GP.

C. D. (54), London

Before visiting the allergy centre my allergy to wood smoke and most things perfumed controlled my life. I had to leave restaurants if they had a log fire, I had to ask friends not to wear perfume when visiting me and I could not sit in my own lounge due to log fire fumes from neighbouring houses. I am now receiving treatment for these allergies and I have been symptom free for nearly a year. My anxiety of being in the situations listed above has completely lifted - I can even wear fragranced products myself again! I can’t recommend Dr Econs enough.

S. H-G. (30), Tring, Hertfordshire

To Dr Econs and his wonderful staff, words alone can’t express my gratitude. Between the parasite treatment and my new found eating plan, I feel better than of have in years! I’m so incredibly grateful. I intend on retesting my stool a month from now and will be in touch with you regarding the results. Is there any additional follow-up suggested at this time? My highest regards and many thanks.

A. S., USA

My initial aim when I came to the clinic was to rule out whether allergies or environmental factors were contributing to my illness. I have to admit I was quite sceptical about the process but having been so ill with Chronic Fatigue I was willing to try anything. For the first 15 minutes of the consultation I was very resistant to Dr Econs approach but as he worked his way through my various symptoms and explained in careful detail why they occurred, I was completely won over. For the first time someone was able to tell me why I felt the way I did and offer me a way of solving it. The Elimination Stage was really hard work, however, by the end of 2 weeks I had dramatically improved. We then embarked on the process of testing foods to determine what I was reacting to and the effects of eating them became quite clear - for instance within an hour of eating oats I was almost asleep which was quite a shock as I’d always thought they were a good energy food. I can now eat almost normally and if I do eat a problem food at least I know that this is what is causing my symptoms. I have learnt so much about food and will never view it in the same light. Dr. and Mrs. Econs have always been very supportive and have dealt with my weird and wonderful questions with patience and kindness. I would not like to put across the view that dealing with food intolerance and allergy is a “miracle cure” but in my experience it has been very worthwhile and I am glad I followed my GP’s suggestion to contact Dr Econs.

C. T. (37), Oxfordshire

It is with great pleasure that I write to tell you of the immense success of your programme. You may recall that when I first came to see you my condition (severe congestion) was so severe after 5 years of untreated allergies that I was unsteady in walking, tired, irritable and almost ready to give up. Indeed I was unable to risk going out without someone being with me in case of another fall. Certainly my GP and other members of the NHS seemed to have no answer until my hospital ENT surgeon suggested I see you. A splendid doctor and a credit to the profession.

Although (elimination and challenge) is an onerous method and requires determination to continue, it is highly effective. Within less than three months, I can walk without loss of balance and no longer require someone with me. I have lost the depression that plagued me, lost the headaches and tiredness and feel ten years younger. Life is once again worth living.

I suppose the real gem of the programme is that it is so very natural, not involving drugs of any kind. So much of today’s medicine seems to be based on pills or nasal sprays. Add to this the nice drop in weight - what more can one ask? It is with real and lasting gratitude that I offer my thanks for your help - you are a genius!

P. W. (70), Milton Keynes

I wanted to write to you to give you an update. Since my last treatment with you I have never felt better and everything has settled down and I now finally have normal toilet habits and no gas, etc. I cannot thank you enough and will only report back to you should my symptoms return, but I have left it long enough to feel that I am finally ‘clear’.

W. M. (42), Chesham, Buckinghamshire

I would like to place on record a sincere thanks for helping me treat a severe case of allergic rhinitis with your injections. I used to suffer very badly virtually all year round with streaming nasal discharge and itching eyes and used to affect me at work. There have been no side effects.

A. H. (61), Godalming, Surrey

As I was sending a cheque I thought I would include a little note to thank you for your help with my husband’s rheumatoid arthritis pains. Our lives have changed quite a bit since your help managed to rid him of his pain - in his words - he got his life back. So a huge “Thank You” from us all. It also appears my oldest daughter also has an intolerance to milk as we recently changed her to goats milk and her sleeping and behaviour changed considerably within four days! Without your help for my husband, we would never have thought of it or tried it with her so thank you once again.

P. G. (42), Surrey

Before I met Dr Econs, I didn’t appreciate there was a difference between an allergy and an intolerance - allergies were all the same to me - they made you itch! Being very quickly diagnosed with an intolerance to what was identified as salicylates was an absolute eye opener. I never knew salicylates existed, yet alone what a build up of such a substance could lead to. My normal diet was full of high content salicylate foods which I regarded as healthy (they are in small doses) like berries, salad leaves smothered in olive oil, fresh fruits, chilli, dried apricots, dates, prunes and peppermint tea! Once introduced to the Stone Age Diet to re balance my body, which can be challenging, but certainly worth it, I have now introduced all the foods I love back into my everyday eating but not all on the same day!

G. W. (60), Oxfordshire

I am returning my Patient Review Sheet, which I have filled in. I would like to say that the treatment I have received at Airedale Allergy Centre has given me almost twenty years of normal health, a happy family life, a successful career and the opportunity to start my own business. I am eternally grateful.

Y. H., Sutton Coldfield

You wanted feedback as regards the milk drops given, without preservative, one week on. I can confirm that Finlay’s behaviour is normal and he seems very happy indeed.

I can also advise that I have already seen a significant improvement in his skin (I know I am not supposed to so early on!). I haven’t told Finlay exactly what the drops will do, only that they may help long term with certain foods that contain milk.

His skin is softer than I have seen it in all his years. His eczema rashes are reducing greatly and I have had no use for the steroid cream for a few days now. The only time I have seen a reaction is one day in particular when he was given custard at school (with a high concentration of skimmed milk powder and whey). He is having milk in cooking and I know he is having cake with cream, etc but on these days his skin is significantly better when taking the drops.

I have changed nothing else as regards his diet, creams or routine so it must be the drops.

I will continue to give the drops on a daily basis.

A. C. (50), Lancashire

I live in the United States. I have suffered for six years with digestive issues, food intolerance, severe and unwanted weight loss, fatigue, dizziness, mental fog. I must have seen ten doctors in Chicago and was unable to get a correct diagnosis nor treatment plan from any of them. I went to the three largest medical centres in Chicago.

A wonderful consultation with Dr Econs via Skype finally gave me a ray of hope. During our conversation, the doctor answered all of my questions and concerns and told me about his unique three drug treatment for protozoan parasites. The treatment protocol as well as dietary suggestions along with recipes were emailed to me right away.

Many email exchanges with Dr Econs and his staff followed. They were always very prompt, courteous and addressing all of my concerns. In-spite of the geographic distance, I always felt that Dr Econs was more easily accessible than all of the doctors I had contact with in Chicago.

I took the prescribed drug treatment and today thanks to Dr Econs I am finally free of blastocystis hominis. Big kudos to the Allergy Medical UK. You are my heroes and I remain your forever grateful patient.

A. D., Chicago, USA

I had been struggling for many years with a number of symptoms, including reactions to foods, M.E. type symptoms, water retention, severe headaches, rhinitis, asthma and swollen joints. Then I found out about Airedale Allergy Centre and decided to make an appointment to see Dr Econs. I was diagnosed very quickly with food intolerance, chemical and metal sensitivity and all findings were confirmed by blood and urine tests. I have followed the advice given by Dr Econs and now feel fantastic. Most of my symptoms have gone completely because I know exactly what to avoid. I would recommend Airedale Allergy Centre to anyone suffering like I was. It was a great relief to finally find someone who fully understood what I was going through. Dr Econs’ aim was to find the cause of my symptoms instead of just masking them with drugs. I must say thank you to all staff involved for being so caring and understanding.

J. M., West Lothian, Scotland

I have struggled for many years trying to control my eczema, sinusitis and stomach problems. Feeling they might be connected to allergy or intolerance and stress, not getting much help from G.P. or skin specialist. Coming to the Allergy Centre has helped me tremendously. Finally, I have found a doctor who understands my conditions and who can provide excellent advice on how to manage and improve my symptoms. Thank you so much for all your help and support.

H. W. (35), High Wycombe

I’m so glad that i went through the food testing process - I think it should be compulsory! The dramatic effect that food can have on you is constantly underestimated and people’s attitudes would definitely change if they had someone as knowledgeable as Dr Econs to help them understand the complex way that we interact with food. I feel much happier now about my eating habits, I’m not worrying about what to eat or what effect it will have on me; now I’m free to eat what I want and know what the consequences will be if I make certain choices!

C. R. (27), Walton on Thames, Surrey

Thank you - Problem Solved! I am now feeling so much better I just wanted to write to thank you and to let you know that I have now nailed my problem down to fructose intolerance. A few days of cutting out all fruit and subsequently limiting my fruit and sugar intake has produced a dramatic improvement in my health over the last four weeks. I now find that as long as I restrict my fruit/sugar intake, I don’t have to worry too much about rotating foods, although I am largely sticking to unprocessed foods. I no longer feel tired. I don’t need to rest in the afternoons and I can do light physical work for several hours without reaction the following day. I would never have found this solution had I not consulted you and had food intolerance confirmed. Knowing what the problem was, has enabled me, by trial and error, to pinpoint the exact cause. As long as I do not develop further intolerances then I know that I am now on the road to good health and getting fitter every day, all thanks to you and your staff at the Airedale Allergy Centre. So, once again, I can’t thank you enough. I feel I have now got my life back after 4 years of misery and I’m now looking forward to life and enjoying myself again. I hope I don’t have to return to your clinic, but rest assured, if in the future I have any more unexplained problems, I will be back.

J. C. (60), Otley, West Yorkshire

As regards my own case, after I became aware of the elevated blood pressure, we had met up and I found you were able to convey a far better understanding of my own condition and what could be done in order that I take a closer control of things. A series of allergy tests and blood tests soon demonstrated some important bodily deficiencies. In particular, a very high level of homocysteine was detected for example which, after a little research, I soon ascertained this to be a key health factor and a condition, which would never have been uncovered by the NHS, for reasons, I now understand better than most.

M. R. (66), Addlestone, Surrey

The pain in my chest went approximately a week after my last visit with you, it just vanished with the changes in my diet you suggested, which is fantastic. My shortness of breath has returned to how it was about 10 years ago, which means I can actually live a normal life now! It still comes and goes but I tend to know why and so have some control. I also know it won’t last more than 3-6 hours whereas before I would have been suffering for weeks or months then only with a little respite. Other symptoms have improved, namely the bloating I suffered after ingesting anything has gone completely, except for when I ate some ginger biscuits, it was a whole packet! My knees, legs and back no longer ache. Also my skin is much better with hardly a spot appearing. I had no idea how tired and maybe even depressed (although I hate to admit it) I was before I came to see you, my energy is 100% up and I’m accomplishing so much more in the day. My runny nose has improved immensely, I have also had no mouth ulcers.

H. F. (36), Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

I had been living in Pakistan for more than two years when my daughter started to suffer from increasingly lengthy bouts of tummy trouble and became slow to recover from normal illnesses. For more than six months, we made countless trips to the doctor and had extensive tests, but were unable to find the root cause of the problem. She was pale, lacked energy, stopped growing and lost her appetite. The stress of not knowing what to do marked the whole family. Eventually a doctor suggested she might have food intolerances. I emailed the Thames Allergy Centre who got back to me straight away. Over the course of a few weeks, Dr Econs took me through the process of discovering what she was reacting to and how to implement the necessary dietary changes. He was always kind, patient and informative. Adjusting our eating habits hasn’t been easy, particularly as we live in a country where there are no health food shops, but the change in Violet’s well being has made all the effort worthwhile. She is now a completely different child: taller, with rosy cheeks, bursting with energy and enthusiasm for life and with a voracious appetite. Friends and family have independently remarked on the difference. It has been such a relief and a joy for my whole family to see Violet thriving again and we are incredibly grateful to Dr Econs and all the clinic’s staff for the improvement they have made to our lives.

V. K. (5), Islamabad, Pakistan

Having suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks for the last six years, I had never considered the negative effects that my diet may have been having on my mind and body. However, after consultation with Dr Econs, it became clear that these issues needed to be addressed. Problems with diet, vitamins and minerals were identified and with the help of your Neutralising drops and a far more varied and sensible diet, I am not only happier, healthier and more positive but other conditions I have suffered such as painful periods, headaches and lethargy have become a distant memory. I came to Dr Econs with the hope of getting my old life back and being able to do day to day chores without panic attacks holding me back. You haven’t just done that. In less than six months my life has been transformed. I am now looking forward to a happy and healthy future and one that I intend living to the full.

L. B. (27), Surrey

I have now normal mineral levels - fabulous!!! Energy 100%. No swelling in legs and no itching or rashes! Many thanks for all your help and kindness.

M. H. (41), Oxford

You will be glad to know that the treatment I underwent last August to get rid of Blastocystis Hominis has worked! It has gone so I am very thankful.

C. Y. (53), Republic of Ireland

I initially became a patient at Thames Allergy Centre after I had developed a severe and inexplicable urticarial rash over most of my body, which was both unsightly and extremely uncomfortable, so much so that I was awake for most of the night and was scratching so hard I was drawing blood.

I had never had such a rash before, although for many years I had suffered from numerous medical ailments, including severe IBS, sciatica and migraine-like headaches, for which I took a combination of anti-inflammatory and other pain-relieving drugs.

Although I ate what I considered to be a balanced and healthy diet, I was also severely overweight, which compounded my inability to do even relatively simple exercise as the result would be more pain, necessitating taking more drugs to alleviate the symptoms. It was a vicious circle, but one, which I had, over the years, become accustomed to as just ‘being the way it is’.

When I consulted Dr Econs, he took a full and detailed medical history, including appropriate blood tests, to try to establish the underlying cause of both the obvious rash and the other medical issues I had. He recommended that the initial treatment would consist of a salicylate-free diet, to try to eliminate potential allergens from my system. (Salicylates occur naturally in many foods, but are also part of the aspiring-related drug groups, which I had been taking for many years).

The diet itself was rigorous but the results were impressive: within two weeks the rash abated, and then over the course of the next few weeks the urticaria disappeared completely. However, what was equally significant was the fact that I started to lose weight and many of my other medical symptoms were alleviated, so much so that I did not need to take pain-relieving drugs in anywhere near the same doses.

Subsequently the range of foods I have been able to eat has widened, although none of my earlier symptoms have reappeared. Equally my weight loss has continued, and from being categorised as clinically obese I am now well within target of reaching my goal of being within the ‘normal’ BMI index.

The ‘transformation’ was not something I was expecting when I first consulted Dr Econs for a rash, but his holistic approach to medicine has for the first time enabled me to achieve what I considered to be impossible: being free from pain-relieving drugs, being able to exercise without pain and being able to wear ‘normal’ size clothes again. This last ‘side effect’ from the treatment is probably the most overtly dramatic and one which friends and family never stop commenting on, as I have gone from being a ‘happy fatty wearing the marquee’ to someone who can wear flattering clothes and make-up and be confident about it.

I cannot speak more highly of the care and the recommended treatments that I have received at Thames Allergy Clinic, both from the rigorous clinical and medical procedures to courtesy and genuine empathy that have always been a consistent part of the consultations after-care treatments.

S. L. (57), Surrey

Thames Allergy Centre has been a god send. Since contacting the clinic my health has dramatically improved. Questions always answered quickly and promptly.

W. S. (35), Scotland

I am so relieved to have finally found out which foods were making me ill. (Chronic fatigue, rosacea, angio-odema). I have suffered for many years with many related symptoms which I now know were treatable. Dr Econs was able to identify exactly what I needed to be tested for and what dietary approaches to adopt as a result. My life isn’t just transformed, it is starting again in many ways. I can now plan for the future and confidently go on holiday again. I am so grateful for the expertise and advice from Dr Econs and the Airedale team. We are so fortunate to have this allergy clinic in West Yorkshire.

J. D., Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Thanks to you and the wonderful staff for taking such good care of me over the past 20 years. I have been fit enough to train for the ‘Couch to 5k run’ for which my wonderful friends have sponsored me.

Doing this run was something I could only ever have dreamed of due to my severe allergies. Due to your patience and care I can live a normal eczema-free and itch-free life.

My sincere thanks to you all once again.

D. B., Lancashire

An excellent allergy clinic run by a caring and professional team.

L. H., Scotland

After a few months of treatment with Dr Econs I have been given a new lease of life. I feel 10 years younger. physically and mentally and my interest in life is so much improved in all respects. I’m very appreciative.

J. S., Manchester

I just wanted to let you know how far we have come with M. Following his food results we have had to completely change his diet which at first was a little over whelming but we have soon got used to making everything from scratch. We spoke to a private nutritionist after receiving the results so we are giving M some wonderful natural foods full of goodness like chia and flax seeds and pure fish oils.

What we realised very quickly was that M does not have asthma as diagnosed by the NHS. It was his wheat allergy making him wheezy. He has not had his sprays for over 5 months now.

We got rid of all the detergent in the house and use the Eco egg and Eco products that you recommended.

We have also found some creams made by pure potions which contain all natural products and don’t make M want to scratch his own skin off like all the prescribed creams we were getting. These pure potion creams can be bought on Amazon and Boots now and may help other patients of yours

So the result is that M has gone from having antihistamine daily to having it very very rarely. His eczema has virtually cleared up too which is amazing and we are all getting some sleep now because he is not constantly scratching.

So I wanted to say thank you so much. I have had no help whatsoever from the NHS who clearly are far behind in knowing how to treat eczema, asthma and allergies. You gave us the break through we needed. It’s been a very very long and heartbreaking journey but we are out the other side now and I wanted to say you helped us so much on this journey.

M. K. (3), Huddersfield

I am eternally grateful to Dr Econs and staff who managed to reverse my low testosterone.

I began to suffer with fatigue 2 years ago and in February 2015, after 3 months of local GP appointments the NHS tested my testosterone where I scored 4nmol/L (reference range 9-29). They retested in March and May 2015 with no improvement.

The only treatment the NHS could offer was Hormone Replacement Therapy which would require life long treatment / blood tests and have many side effects including infertility, mood swings and increased risk of certain cancers.

Infertility prior to having children was the main motivator for me to search for the route cause of my issue rather than treating the symptoms, so I declined the NHS’s HRT.

I was fortunate to find Dr Econs in September 2015 who had access to a wide range of in depth tests that could delve into the potential cellular or environmental cause of my low testosterone.

He was successfully able to identify the nutrient deficiencies and toxic chemical overloads my body had and devised a personalised nutrition and detox protocol.

I have been progressively improving over the last year and to my amazement my latest results showed a 400% increase in Testosterone resulting in 16nmol/L (range 9-29).

This has allowed me to feel like my age and return to the gym and even to weight train.

K M. (32), Yorkshire

Attached I am sending the results of my repeat parasitology test showing complete cure from Blastocistis hominis and yeast. (Treatment prescribed by your clinic was done at end of July, tests were repeated at end of Oct 2016). Please pass them on to the doctor with all my thanks and gratitude for the help and professionalism your clinic showed.

D. A. (51), Toronto, Ontario

I have been attending Airedale Allergy Centre for about 6 or 7 years now and cannot praise them enough. Before I came I had terrible allergies to lots of things and was feeling quite desperate as nothing the GP gave me helped and I was also allergic to those medicines.

The testing is done professionally in a quiet, clean environment with lovely helpful nurses. All questions are answered and vaccines are prepared specifically for you and the injections are pain free.

The results are excellent although re-testing is required from time to time.

M. B. (62), Lancashire

As always, thanks so, so much for everything you do and Ky and Donna. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without your care. I’ve gone from living off powdered food, not being able to do any daily tasks, being overwhelmed by symptoms to eating solid food, gaining a small amount of weight, able to do a bit of work or household tasks most days. The feelings of adrenalin and panics have reduced significantly. I feel like my progress is beginning to speed up too - fingers crossed.

C. R. (40), Leeds

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