Our Aim

Our philosophy at The Burghwood Clinic is to provide modern, professional investigation and treatment. Sympathetic in our support for patients suffering with a wide range of allergic conditions and other types of reactivity, we always try to maintain a relaxed but professional atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our philosophy of care which is based on medical excellence combined with an approach directed towards each patient's individual needs.

Our aim is to enable you to overcome and prevent a wide range of allergies and immune conditions and reach a sustainable improved state of health. We believe that this is possible by addressing relevant, causative factors in your lifestyle and we do our utmost to support you through this process.

Our commitment to you:

  • To investigate and identify dietary, environmental or nutritional factors relevant to your health problems.
  • To offer expert guidance and treatment in a responsible clinical set-up.
  • To ensure personal and patient-oriented care.
  • To provide friendly and sympathetic support by our dedicated teams.
  • To evaluate our methods and constantly refine them to achieve the best results.