Adult patient experiences in NHS hospitals – Care Quality Commission Survey 2022

September 29, 2023

The results of the Adult inpatient survey 2022 will inspire some confidence in those who need a planned or an emergency admission to an NHS hospital. In spite of the long waiting lists, the unprecedented financial pressures and the politicalisation of Medicine, it is heartwarming to see that a clear majority of patients are treated with respect, are involved in decision making and are happy with the human support they receive during their stay in hospitals.

I don’t have access to surveys comparing these experiences with independent hospitals but, overall, regional variations apart, the results are quite reassuring.

A few more positive developments I have heard, talking to our clients, include a wider acceptance of patients’ choices of preventative measures for their self care, an increased awareness of the role the immune system has in most chronic conditions and a better recognition that nutritional supplements do not carry the same risk of side effects as conventional medications.

Finally, NHS England offers information on a wide range of topics including medical conditions and treatments available.