Healthy Ageing: Making Best Use of the Body’s Natural Resources, Naturally

Ageing ("senescence") is a process involving the loss of natural self-maintenance in every human cell; it is thought to be caused by the degeneration of vital enzymes (telomerases), whose role is to repair the DNA 'tails' (called "telomeres"). Oxidative stress or damage is caused by free radicals (toxins with unpaired electrons).

'Anti-ageing' is a term used in recent years by the cosmetic industry to mean "looking young". Whilst the cosmetics industry marketing facial creams and aesthetic treatments claim to improve wrinkles and age-related changes using exfoliating agents with vitamins and other anti-oxidants, none of them has the slightest long term effects on the ageing of the human cells and tissues.

In spite of an unprecedented progress in medical technology, Medicine has made a negligible contribution in helping the individual to optimise their health and is mainly focused on "disease management", using investigations, which offer little or no insight in the issue of enhancing health. Measures such as cholesterol reduction have led to increased reliance on medications, often with detrimental effects on health. In the recent pandemic, the medical and public awareness was shifted to the critical role of the immune system – that it is supported by prescribed medications is a pure fallacy.

Contrary to popular belief, a healthy ageing can be planned: we consciously start this 'planning', when we decide not to smoke, cut out alcohol and have a healthy diet, missing things we like, but we know are not healthy, take regular exercise and so on.

Before you seek medical advice, consider these 10 points:

  1. Give up smoking, which accelerates ageing; by the age of 50 years, there is a visible difference of 5–10 years between a current-smoker and a never-smoker. It is never too late to give up! (benefits in all aspects of health).
  2. The regular use of sugar and increased use of refined carbohydrates is known to precipitate ageing, as is the frequent use of alcohol, even within the recommended and "acceptable" limits. Experience a life with less of these substances! (benefits in all aspects of health).
  3. Obesity / weight increase over and above the "optimum" (which for the majority of people is when they reach full growth in late teenage) puts an avoidable strain on all the body organs, whose size does not grow in proportion to the body they support. The effect is a faster metabolism, which accelerates ageing and shortens life-span.
  4. Food is supposed to offer a quality sustenance and should not be used as a form of psychological "prop". Food has clear addictive properties. Try to eat little and see how much healthier you can feel! (benefits in all aspects of health – the less you eat, the longer you live!).
  5. Take up a form of regular rigorous activity or sport (benefits in all areas of health especially psychological, cardiovascular, weight control and bone aging). Inactivity is linked with many types of ill health including psychological problems, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, obesity and so on. With High Intensity Training (HIT) you don't have to spend hours in the gym.
  6. Get out in the sun, but avoid times in the day, when the direct exposure can burn the skin (benefits in mood and bone ageing). For people living in northern latitudes, measuring levels of vitamin D (should be >75 nmol/L) and correcting any deficit is essential.
  7. There is substantial scientific support for the view that the following nutrients promote optimal cell biology and immune system: 1. Vitamin C, 2. resveratrol, 3. omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, 4. Vitamin B12, 5. Phosphatidylcholine, 6. Magnesium, 7. Glutathione, 8. Probiotics, 9. Zinc
  8. If you can, don't feel guilty to enjoy some power naps, when the opportunity arises (benefits on healthy mood and energy). Ensure you get a quality sleep; changes in your chemistry and prolonged periods of stress are known to accelerate physical and mental ageing.
  9. Lots of hugs and a life expressing and receiving love, the greatest stimulus for the production of oxytocin and beta-endorphins (those "feel-good" hormones in our life).
  10. Having an active circle of friends and a mentally stimulating job or hobbies.
  11. Never stop learning new skills

Methods of treatment with truly anti-ageing effects are currently attracting unprecedented interest amongst public and health professionals in Britain, other European countries and the USA because they offer:

  • a health risk assessment based on one's unique genetic and biological constitution as well as dietary and other life style habits
  • an opportunity to use pre-emptive means to correct problems caused by age-related changes affecting the detoxification mechanisms in all body cells and the liver before they become serious health problems
  • specific support using safe, natural substances such as nutritional supplements, which the body recognises as "its own"

This process relies on some modern investigations including:

  1. Assessment of DNA mutations and DNA adducts ("epigenetic" changes) which reveal inherited or acquired weaknesses in the system that controls the chemistry in each and every cell of the body
  2. Sensitivities to chemicals or metals, which are accumulated in the body and are known to affect the immune system and cell chemistry
  3. Assess hormones produced by the adrenals, thyroid, ovaries or other important endocrine glands of the body and correct any documented deficiencies
  4. Comprehensive tests to identify specific deficiencies of nutrients, which are critical in the protection of the cells against oxidative stress or damage, factors that pre-dispose to premature aging and many modern-day conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity chronic fatigue and so on
  5. Assessment and monitoring of telomers (see above) before and during any preventative measures
  6. Vitamin drips – intravenous infusions of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which raise energy and improve chemistry of the cells
  7. Chelation, a process of binding various metals to certain substances known as 'chelating agents', which promote detoxification.

Scientific studies carried out in the last five decades indicate that the benefits of an approach focused on a dynamic prevention of ill-health and maximising one's fitness include:

  • Improved muscle performance, agility and stamina
  • Improved muscle recovery phase after effort or exercise
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Reduction of urination at night
  • Benefits during and after menopause
  • Better weight control
  • Reduction of carbohydrate dependence / sugar cravings
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • Better libido improved fertility
  • Positive effects on hair & vision
  • A more enjoyable and creative life

In addition, we often advise our clients on general issues of lifestyle and the best types of activity, to optimise their physique and health.

We monitor their progress at set intervals to ensure that benefits are maintained.

Please ask our office for details and costs.