Telephone and Online Video Consultations

As well as face to face consultations, we also offer Specialist help to people living a long distance from any of our clinics or abroad and those confined to their home.

On-line Video Conferencing Consultations

In addition to a telephone consultation, it is also easy to use video linking facilities such as those provided by Skype, i-Chat and AIM, etc. which have the added advantages of you and the specialist being able to speak face to face, provided you have access to a suitably equipped computer or mobile phone. Additionally, users can benefit from the economy of making voice and/or video calls over the Internet.

To Arrange a Phone Consultation

  • Check the health conditions listed on this website to confirm that your problem/condition is amongst those treated in our clinics. If in doubt contact the Clinic directly by phone or email to confirm.
  • Contact the Clinic to arrange for a Medical Questionnaire to be sent to you, this should be completed prior to your appointment.
  • If you require funding by your local NHS Primary Care Trust, it is essential that you discuss a possible referral with your GP, this process often takes a few weeks or even months, see NHS referrals
  • Arrange an initial telephone appointment at a mutually convenient time, if you tire easily, make sure that another member of your family or a friend is with you to communicate with the specialist. The initial appointment is about an hour.
  • During the consultation, your medical history and symptoms are discussed, points are clarified and an appropriate action plan is discussed and agreed.
  • We post to you information relevant to your condition and sample containers required for blood tests or other investigations, as necessary.
  • Blood samples are collected via your local practice or private hospital (most areas have visiting phlebotomists or competent nurses, for housebound patients). Other tests can be posted to various laboratories directly.
  • Results are discussed along with your progress and further recommendations are made in the follow-up consultation(s). These appointments normally last 30-45 mins.

Note: Payment for any telephone consultations and any recommended tests is made in advance. As with ordinary consultations, with your consent, the specialist will update your GP, summarising content of the consultations, test results and further action he recommends.