International Clients

During the last ten years, our specialist medical services have been used by English speaking clients living in other countries including Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Greece, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, USA and Canada. The most common reason is they are unable to locate a specialist physician, accessible to them. If there are specialist physicians in a particular country, we are pleased to guide our clients accordingly.

The usual procedure is to:

  • Arrange an initial telephone consultation for a comprehensive history
  • Complete and return by email our Questionnaires
  • Arrange any laboratory tests to be carried out as required
  • Arrange a telephone (follow up) consultation to discuss results and assess progress

Apart from a minority, most of our overseas clients do not have to visit UK in order to get support for their allergic or immune conditions. However, those with more complex problems may require treatment with a safe method of desensitisation (immunotherapy). In this case we endeavour to address the underlying issues as expediently as possible, in one of our centres, often within 1-2 days.

Transport of containers for blood or other samples for testing and medications are arranged in accordance with UK and international regulations.

On-line Video Conferencing Consultations

We provide specialist help to people living a long distance from any of our clinics, abroad and those confined to their home.

In addition to a telephone consultation, it is also easy to use video linking facilities such as those provided by Skype, i-Chat and AIM, etc. which have the added advantage of being able to speak face to face with the specialist, provided you have access to a suitably equipped computer or mobile phone. Additionally, users can benefit from the economy of making voice and/or video calls over the Internet.

Visiting Clients

Our overseas clients visiting the Clinic, are advised that the nearest airport is London Gatwick, which is a 20 minute taxi ride to the Clinic (North from M25 Junction 7). There are a few hotels in the area, if an overnight stay is necessary.