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NHS Referrals

Unlike the 1980's and 90's, when extra-contractual referrals to doctors or clinics in the private sector, could be initiated by a person's GP, the current situation with applications for funding of treatments, not currently available in the National Health Service, has to be approved by one's local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), following an Individual Funding Request (IFR).

The process and criteria are described on NHS England.

Unfortunately, the criteria used, often prevent people with serious health problems from having their treatment at independent medical clinics funded, even when they have been able to confirm that a method has been effective, where other options available in the NHS have repeatedly failed.

We are always happy to submit "clinical evidence" i.e. double blind placebo controlled clinical trials, which demonstrate effective outcomes, supporting the efficacy of methods we have found effective with thousands of patients treated in our clinics during the last four decades. However, applications are often refused either because they fail the criterion of "exceptionality" or the "evidence" is not approved by the National Institute of Clinic Excellence (NICE). On request, we can also provide the applicant with a quote of costs for the first year of treatment, after an initial assessment has been made during the first consultation.  

The result of the above is that only a fraction of all applications/IFRs are approved every year, usually after referrals to various specialised hospital departments and extensive investigations.