Brilliant Wi-Fi Experiment Kills Cress

January 24, 2018

Five danish students set up a biology experiment that is so brilliant that it has attracted international attention amongst biologists and radiation experts.

The experiment came about because the students identified that they were experiencing difficulty concentrating in school and sleeping if they had their phone next to their heads.

The simple experiment was to place 400 cress seeds in twelve trays. Place six trays in two rooms at the same temperature, with the same amount of water and sunlight over 12 days. The only difference was that one room was exposed to two Wi-Fi routers which broadcast the same type of radiation as a mobile phone.

Take a look at the startling results below!

The results as far as the girls are concerned, apart from receiving many accolades from professors and scientists, is that they sleep with their phones far away from their beds and the computer is switched off!