Eating Ourselves to Death and Others to Life

January 26, 2018

Joe Leech, a young dietician in Australia, was feeling frustrated that he was answering so many questions about how to lose weight, what was the best diet, how to deal with irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances, Type 2 diabetes when many of these problems were due to eating too many calories or too much of a food that were causing intolerances. In addition, despite his advice, obesity was an ever-growing problem.

He equally was aware of the contrast that in Uganda and other developing countries, many people do not have enough to eat, the resources to educate their children or to pay for basic health care.

Joe discovered Hunger Project, which he believes is a step towards a solution for both the Western world and developing world.

Take a look at his short video explaining the great concept. Hunger Project Video.

Let’s all put our food consumption into perspective, as we reach for the biscuit tin remember those who maybe don’t even have one nutritious meal a day.