Life Saving Allergy Puppy

September 19, 2017

We have guide dogs, hearing dogs and now allergy dogs. We are all too aware how life-changing guide dogs and hearing dogs can be for their owners giving them their freedom and independence.

Six year old boy, Mason, who has suffered thousands of allergic reactions, even anaphlayatic reactions that have been life threatening, is about to have his own ‘guardian’ in the shape of a Golden Retriever called Storm.

Storm is being trained to detect changes in Mason that are a sign he is about to have an allergic reaction and to warn Mason and others around him. Mason is allergic to dogs, so it took 18 months to up build his immunity to the breed first.

How wonderful it will be if Storm can give Mason the opportunity to go to friends birthday parties and outings as any other little boy. Let's hope this is just the beginning of dogs that can help many serious allergy sufferers.

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