"Long Covid” and Allied Issues

August 2, 2021

Like many people, concerned about the long term effects of Covid19, I have been ‘digesting' a lot of information beyond what is being reported in the mainstream media.

Although there is much debate about its origin, there is very little doubt that this isn’t an ordinary coronavirus. It is capable of altering the behaviour of the immune system, which explains why some infected people who become ill have many vital organs affected, not just the lungs. The chances of recovery depend on the state of their immune system, especially their T-cells – young and fit people aren’t affected as much as the frail and the elderly.

Whilst the spike proteins of this corona is viewed as a new phenomenon, it is plausible that their effect can be compared to ‘toxins’ that enter the body and cells; some of them are attached to the genomic DNA, thereby creating ‘epigenetic’ changes i.e. free radicals that infringe the DNA integrity and disrupt its ability to control vital enzymatic systems in the cell.

Some of them are involved in mitochondrial performance (which explains the post-viral fatigue and brain-fog), some affect Phase II detoxification pathways such as methylation, acetylation, glutathione and so on (which explains the multi-organ failure seen in severe cases) and some develop new reactivities to foods, aero-allergens or chemicals, not seen before, or seen but in a milder form.

The 'cytokine storm' found in critically ill patients is proof that the immune system gets overwhelmed, thus switching itself on producing a flood of communication-signalling-proteins (cytokines), asking other cells to rally to the rescue. This scenario rings familiar bells with possible mechanisms that relate to most of the adverse effects of vaccinations for covid19, but this at present has become a taboo topic.

In our clinics, I have started seeing people, whose previously known reactivities have gone haywire, following the illness and sometimes vaccination.

In this context, focusing on what is affecting the immune system should yield some clear benefits: dealing with the same food intolerances, aero-allergens (e.g. pollens, moulds), other pathogens and body load of metals and chemicals – exactly as we do in order to achieve better health for our patients with CFS or post-viral fatigue syndromes.