Scleroderma and Antibiotics

October 19, 2017

We sporadically get enquiries if we treat scleroderma. We do. Whilst I have to admit that the condition is challenging both to the patient and the clinician, if it is an "immune" problem, it must be the result of a reactivity. Unsurprisingly, some people who are prepared to radically change their diet, to deal with any toxic load or infectious agents, seem to do well, in spite of expectations. I expect that the use of antibiotics such as minocycline (or clindamycin) will become more widespread in the near future. The outcomes are too good to ignore, they have the support of clinical work and tolerance is not bad either.

For a flavour of the debate between the "sceptics" and some who have been treated using the antibiotic protocol ("AP"), read this article published in 2010: More Stuff That Doesn't Work For Scleroderma.