The Covid 19 Pandemic – A Post Mortem

October 15, 2022

This is my personal opinion, but now that, with a little hindsight and less hysteria, this global event can be seen more objectively, it is about time to see what I have learnt from history.

And here is a summary:

In 2011 the World Health Organisation re-defined pandemic as “the spread of an infection across national borders and continents” – it used to be “the simultaneous outbreaks of severe epidemics worldwide causing illness and death …” i.e. the threshold was brought lower.

Most governments panicked; they decided to “hide" themselves behind scientists and doctors (most of whom unfortunately had links with the pharmaceutical industry or exaggerated the risks). They proclaimed that they “followed the science”, ignoring that the scientific world was split right in the middle about the best ways to steer the nations through this unprecedented challenge. Descending expert scientific voices were instantly marginalised or silenced.

The WHO advised that “lockdowns will have profound detrimental effects on the health of nations and their economies”. Governments ignored it. The WHO advised that repeated booster doses of the vaccine will perpetuate the pandemic. Governments and the industry ignored it. Repeated studies showed that masks offer little to no protection against the spread – children who used them are actually more likely to suffer from infections. At the beginning of the pandemic, Dr Witty emphasised that “for the vast majority of the population, SARS-Cov-2 will only be experienced as a mild illness, like the ‘flu’. The inventor of the PCR test (the late Dr Kerry Mullin) declared that the test is not fit to diagnose any infection. Yet, governments chose to adopt extreme measures, used irrational slogans (e.g. “Save the NHS”) and propagated the inaccurate belief that there is nothing that can be done to stop the virus, apart from the vaccine. People were neglected until they became too ill.

The mainstream media became oblivious to their duty to the public to provide reliable and accurate information. Politicians were united to condemn those unwilling to be vaccinated as “fools” or “extremists”, with no concerns about the official statistics on the number who have suffered serious harm and death. The requirement for proper informed consent, which has been tantamount to any unlicensed medication, has been bypassed by health professionals. The vaccines were heralded as “saving lives” and that they “stop the spread of the virus”. In October 2022, a senior executive of Pfizer, questioned in the European Parliament, denied that any studies existed to support this claim.

The aftermaths of the pandemic: a) NHS was seriously understaffed (estimated >10% or 135,000 vacant posts); b) an unusually raised mortality (10% above average) in the Summer of 2022; c) a crisis in the Economy.

For reliable statistics of severe adverse events and mortality associated with Covid amongst vaccinated and unvaccinated, visit ONS and MHRA.