Urban Pollution Caused By Everyday Products

March 2, 2018

A report in The Guardian (16.02.18) talked about the growing source of urban pollution from household chemical products, perfumes, paints, formaldehyde and insecticides.

The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from household cleaners, personal hygiene products, paints and glues researchers have found significantly affects the air pollution as many of these products come from refined petroleum.

The compounds are an important contributor to air pollution because when they waft into the atmosphere they react with other chemicals to produce harmful ozones. This type of pollution is unregulated, unlike emissions from vehicles.

This is all about bottles and containers in our under sink kitchen cupboard and bathroom cabinet. The research paper shows that domestic use of VOCs is beginning to dominate, displacing the traditional sources from vehicles and industry.

We see and treat in our clinics many patients who are suffering from the long term effects of being unable to tolerate any chemicals and this has life-changing consequences. Imagine being unable to go into a supermarket or department store because you cannot tolerate the smells of perfumes, washing powders or formaldehyde. Or being unable to go to family or friends homes because they store chemicals or use deodorants. Many people have become housebound because of their severe reaction to everyday chemicals we take for granted.