Colitis and Crohn's Disease

Food intolerance is the main cause of Crohn's Disease, which fasting seems to stop.

Cause of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Food intolerance is the main cause of Crohn's disease. Proof of this is that its symptoms resolve when a person fasts. These days fasting is unnecessary because there are several ways to identify reactive foods, although not all are accurate.

Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

We recommend tests to identify food reactivities. We help you to modify your diet and reduce the risk of abdominal surgery. If once having identified the foods which cause symptoms avoidance is too difficult, or means an unbalanced diet, then we treat patients with desensitisation (with Neutralisation or EPD), which helps improve tolerance.

Ulcerative colitis is known to have a more complex mechanism, but the underlying causes are similar with the addition of low-grade infectious and some chemical agents

See Food Intolerance.

Clinical Trials re: Crohn's Disease

The following is a sample of papers to give a flavour of some of the evidence supporting the view that reactivities to foods, environmental factors and nutrition have a major role to play in modern medical practice.

Crohn’s Disease: Maintenance of Remission by Diet
Hunter et al. Lancet: 1985: 2; pp177-80. 51 out of 77 patients remained well on an exclusion diet, for over four years. View article

Treatment of Active Crohn's Disease by Exclusion Diet: East Anglian Multicentre Controlled Trial
Lancet 1993: 342; pp1131-4. Positive results, as above. View article

Diet & Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Gastroenterology & Hepatology 2015: Aug; 11(8): 511–520. View article

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