Dietary Management

Foods used regularly in a person’s diet often play a big part in the occurrence of specific or generalised symptoms, which modern Medicine fails to consider as diagnostic options due to the absence of highly accurate laboratory tests.

Food Intolerance is one of the most undiagnosed problems in the western world has attracted in recent years a host of interventions such as Low FODMAP Diet, Low Glycemic Index Diet, Paleo- and Ketogenic-Diet and others.

Add to these low salicylates, benzoate, histamine, sulphites or oxalate diets and it is not surprising how many people we see in our clinics who end up unable to tolerate a large number of foods. Dietary ‘workouts’ constitute an essential part of our services. However, since access to all these options became available on Google, a large percentage of our patients have to use methods of immunotherapy to stimulate a better natural immunity in their immune system, because very restricted diets, become unworkable long term – repetition of foods causes more intolerances.

This said, when a person hasn’t used various exclusions of foods, forms of “Elimination and Challenge” can help a great deal to identify trigger foods more clearly while using a good variety of other currently available foods.

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