Low-dose Naltrexone

Naltrexone, like methadone, is a medication used to help people overcome addictions to heroin, cocaine and other addictive substances.

Diluted versions of the same medicine are known to modulate the immune system and, as a result, reduce various types of inflammation.

It is known to suppress opiate receptors in the brain and when it leaves the body after a few hours, to create a flush of beta-endorphins which exert a beneficial effect on chronic inflammation frequently attributed to the immune system.

It has been used to reduce muscle spasms in patients suffering from MS for decades and in more recent times, in patients with chronic fatigue, cancer and other chronic ‘auto-immune’ disorders with variable degrees of success.

Given its extreme safety and low cost, we often use it as a complementary “tool” to support other deeper forms of treatments.

Most chemically sensitive patients seem to tolerate better “very-” and “ultra-low” options of this medication (visit: LDN Research Trust).

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