Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

About SLIT

We have recently added this form of desensitisation to our choice of treatments for inhalant allergies, such as hay fever. Unlike the conventional method, which is administered with subcutaneous injections, sublingual immunotherapy is taken home for self-administration. Its main features include:

  • Excellent record of safety, with no severe, life-threatening reactions reported over a long (12 years) observational period involving a number of clinical studies (see clinical references attached)
  • Occasional, mild symptoms have been reported (e.g itchy throat), which do not last more than a few days and do not cause the discontinuation of the treatment
  • Over 80% success rate, starting from the first year of treatment
  • A long-lasting immunity for various pollens, animal fur or house dust mites after a 3-5 year course
  • In high specificity i.e. a person is treated only for the relevant allergies
  • More affordable than the conventional immunotherapy


Seasonal and perennial rhinitis or conjunctivitis (if caused by airborne allergens), mild to moderate asthma or eczema.


Severe (“brittle”) asthma, eczema and medical conditions which require concurrent use of several medications e.g. cardiovascular disease, cancer and others.

SLIT is not suitable for other types of allergy (e.g. nuts or bee/wasp venom) or “non-allergic” food hypersensitivity.

SLIT is becoming more widely available in the USA, Europe and the UK for its improved safety, easier use and excellent results. The prospect of long-term immunity is also very attractive.


Product name
Stalloral, manufactured in France by Stallargens.

Supplied / prescribed
By qualified medical practitioners.

Availability in NHS
A few hospital centres.

As sub-lingual spray / drops.

4-10 drops daily from metered-dose vials, whose concentration gradually increases to a maintenance dose for the duration of the course.

The maximum number of allergens, which can be ordered is 4 i.e. 1 tree pollen mix, 1 grass pollen mix (or one grass pollen), cat mix, dust mite (or a mixture of the two common dust mites). The proportion of allergens in the SLIT vials is determined on the basis of each person’s history and test results.

Duration of therapy
Seasonal allergies: 6-9 months per annum, usually from February to August (earlier for tree pollens) and, if successful during the first year, repeat for 2-4 years. For non-seasonal (perennial) allergies such as cat dander or house dust mites, continuous use and, if successful during the first year, repeat for 2-4 years.

£405.00 for 3 months, £810.00 for 6 months and £1,620.00 for 12 months (approx. £135.00 per month all inclusive).

Additional costs
Annual review and (optional) skin prick tests or allergen-specific Immunoglobulin E.

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